On Line Mixing service:

  • Quickly and Securely achieve the same high quality finish as today’s major artists.
  • All projects are mixed at Cauldron Studios by our engineers, using state of the art mixing facilities.
  • Tracks are returned to you online within a guaranteed 10 working days.
  • Save on regular studio expenses and any travel, accommodation costs.
  • €250 per song. VAT inc.
  • Paypal easy pay button.
  • Payment is required prior to mix being returned.
  • One Set of tweaks for online mixing.


The main benefits for you the artist is that you are getting over 25 years of mixing experience of every type of music.

Online Mixing requires some dialogue with You the Artist.

Usually the conversation goes like this…

(Artist) “We like the rough mix we’ve done but here are some of our suggestions

(Artist) We like the overall sound of this particular song by X and this one by Y, but I prefer the drum sound on Z and the guitars on A, B and the vocals on C……can you make ours have a combination of those….”

(Artist)We want to make it really Big and Epic sounding” …or “this should sound like a whisper coming from the speakers….”

We’ve heard many descriptions of what people look for in a mix over the years and we can translate this into Your mix.

We listen to your rough mix and try to interpret from that and what you are saying over email or phone what kind of mix you’re going for. We then do a mix for you and send it by email back to you and see what comes back for alterations.

Sometimes tweaks can be very broad like Maybe lower the volume of the bass, or can you add more of that echo onto the vocal  and other times it can be very specific like at 2.10 the guitar needs to pushed for 1 bar, at 3.47 pull the hi hat back by 2 dB’s for 2 hits and the vocal needs 3.2dB of 5kHz” and so on…

For online mixing we have 2 sets of revision tweaks policy.

We also play the mix to the other engineers and producers in The Cauldron for a ‘fresh ears’ opinion.
We know what’s required to get the best out of a song.


Mastering Online

How it works is that you send us a stereo track for Mastering

We listen to your music to see what is required, do the work and then send it back to you, simple!

We wait for feedback and then if there are any tweaks required we do those and send back the final master for approval. For mastering we have a 2 tweaks policy.

  • €25 per song. VAT inc.
  • Payment is required prior to master being returned.

Online Studio Accepted file types:

  • WAV, Broadcast WAV, SDII, AIFF
  • 44.1k, 48k, 96k sample rates
  • BIT sizes16, 24, 32 float
  • Mono, dual mono, or stereo interleaved files
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