John Mc Colgan/Moya Doherty

“As Producers we strive for the highest standards in all creative aspects of our show.

With Heartbeat of Home we knew Cauldron Studios could deliver sound recording and mixing to the standard of excellence we asked for.

We were enormously pleased with the results and would be delighted to work with Ciaran at Cauldron again.”


Rubyworks Record Label and Artist Management

“Rubyworks has used Cauldron on a regular basis, including sessions for Hozier, Ryan Sheridan, Original Rudeboys and Vladimir.

It’s a terrific place to work, the team are super helpful, and we have been delighted with the results”.


Chris Kimsey  The Rolling Stones Producer

`A great studio and creative atmosphere, tons of gear, and unique sound character to each recording room. And passionate staff. x


Danny O Reily The Coronas

“In the summer of 2007 we arrived in to the Cauldron to record our debut album Heroes or Ghosts.

At the time we were just out of college and very inexperienced, but everything about the studio put us at ease.

It was a lovely place to record, with great gear and gorgeous sounding rooms.

It was our home for a few weeks, as we recorded songs like Grace Don’t Wait, San Diego Song and Heroes or Ghosts and we loved every minute of it”


Brian Byrne Golden Globe Nominated Composer and Winner of 2 World Soundtrack Awards

Having worked in many of the finest studios in LA

the Cauldron is and has been my first choice recording studio for over 15 years.

Ciaran Byrne is Ireland’s premiere recording and mixing engineer and brings not only the most professional work ethic to the sessions but also creates the most friendly and

comfortable place for creators to create.

Could not recommend a better studio environment for any style of recording.

And for the stash of Whiskey! well now……


Kate Amesbury  Producer/Writer Irish The Musical

I made my home at Cauldron for two years while I created ‘IRISH THE MUSICAL’ for Public TV in America. Ciaran was a not only a joy to work with but has become a great friend

and I hope to continue both well into the future….


David Munroe Musical Producer of Celtic Thunder 

When two top class musicians get together to create a studio you know that musicians are going to feel very at home in it.

When the two top class musicians also have a huge knowledge of engineering and production techniques things can only get better.

The cauldron is the musicians studio and I’ve spent many productive hours there in the name of Celtic Thunder not to mention the number of recommendations that I’ve passed on.

Thanks to Bill Shanley, Ciaran Byrne & Michael Manning.


Gavin Murphy. Composer Producer Arranger

“Ciaran is one of the leading pro mix and recording engineers in the business today.

He’s mixed dozens of tracks for me on-line, on both pro tools and logic platforms and the mixes always come back sounding top quality.

He has a huge wealth of experience mixing records for pop, alternative, singer/songwriter artists as well as recording/mixing world class orchestras for film scores.”


Dennis Mc Calmont Singer/Songwriter/Producer

I’ve had my Songs, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Cauldron Studios for a number of Years.
I’m certain that the reason we’ve gained so much ‘Radio Airplay’ across the Globe, including our own ‘Dave Fanning’ on RTE2fm, is a credit to Ciaran’s Mastering Skills…he makes our Songs Sound Great!”